Distribution Air Headers

Our Company is the leading Distribution Manifold Valves manufacturer and supplier from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. "Ped-Lock's" Distribution Air Headers are constructed for positive leak tight shutoff and regulation of flow during process applications. This valve is available in various material, port and style combinations for low to high pressure applications. It is a compact distribution manifold unit which offers a choice of 5 or 10 metal seated needle valves with PTFE gland packing. The head assembly of this valve allows easy operation and positive bubble tight shutoff. Our fabricated range of this valve is specially designed for gas and liquid distribution applications where multiple take-offs are required.

Ped-Lock produces high quality Distribution Manifold Valves in various materials for high pressure applications. Our Company has the expertise to design and manufacture Manifold Valves to fill the rapid increasing demand in critical environments such as petrochemical, fluid power, electronics, process machinery and other major industrial applications. Also, it is designed to offer a simple method of distributing any form of heating, cooling or domestic piped service from a single source. This Manifold is based around a simple one piece brass extrusion to which a number of different accessories can be fitted for different types and sizes of plastic and copper pipes. This valve fulfils the need for a specific manifold working at instrument pressures. It is prepared in conjunction with our customers’ requirements