Instrument Manifold Valve

Ped-lock with its manufacturing unit in India is foremost manufacturer and exporter of instrumentation valves incorporate with manifolds. We offer large assortment of manifold valves that along with various instrument accessories required for the instrumentation applications.

Our entire instrument air manifold feature with 2-3-5 way manifolds which provides standard modular instrumentation interface and help to improve measurement of differential pressure of instrument.

They are ensures flexibility and the highest delivery performance and can be utilized for shut off in any part of the pressure system for instrument. We manufacture Instrument Valve and Manifolds for various pressur measuring instruments like ball valve, needle valve, check valve and manifold valve

Range of Instrument Valve and Accessories

  • Instrument Air Headers
  • Instrument Pipe Fitting
  • Instrument Needle Valve
  • Instrument Ball Valve
  • Instrument Check Valve
  • Instrumentation Tube Fittings